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want to be featured on our webzine?

Artwork/Layout by Michelle Peck

Photography by Alexandra Pasquarelli

Send any articles, poetry, photography, photo series’, and artwork to our email to have the opportunity of being featured on our site! We take webzine submissions on a rolling basis.

We are not currently looking for submissions for print publishing.



What We’re Looking For


We need you journalists/essay writers the very most! We want to hear from you! We want you to use your voice. Write about your experiences and studies and educate our readers. We are open and provide a safe space for Gen Z, POC, LGBTQ+, femme, non-binary, and minority writers/artists. Here are some broad categories for essays/articles that intrigue us and hopefully give you some inspiration to write:

GEN Z, politics of youth, environmentalism, personal experiences, sex education, nostalgia, love & heartbreak, sustainable living, self-identifying, social justice, reviews (film, art, music, concerts, books)

As for creative writing and poetry, we have a monthly poetry slam in which we compile our favorite poetry submissions from the previous month. If one really sticks out to us, we may have it published on its own.

We encourage you to submit visuals with any writing.


Visuals: Photography / Artwork / Collages

We prefer to always pair photography with some sort of written work and vice versa. If you submit visuals, feel free to write something creative that pairs with your visuals. This is not mandatory, but we prefer it.

As for photography, we love raw film photos. Film photography is what has taken up most of our past issues, especially since Sunstroke is a strong representative of “nostalgia”, which is something film seems to provide. We still, of course, take digital photography. We aren’t too strict on what you submit, but we prefer it to be centered around youth. Another thing we love to receive is photography and reviews of concerts.

Artwork is a free realm. Be creative and authentic.