issue 002

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Sunstroke's second issue: Purple Haze is on a completely different wavelength from last year's journal. 170 pages are filled with artwork that enraptures the theme of "nostalgia."

Three sections: Purple Haze, Music, and Activism

Our Founding Editor-in-Chief, being recently given her high school diploma, is on her way to adulthood, meaning she's saying goodbye to much of what she knows so well. This concept repeats throughout the issue.

issue 001

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10 Mile Stereo is the very first issue of Sunstroke Magazine. Thematically, vibrant colors and artwork fill 100 pages, reflecting the idea of emotion, but mostly heartbreak.

What's inside of Issue 001? An introduction to the Sunstroke community from our Founding Editor-in-Chief, poems of heartache, film photography, playlists to cry to, anonymous stories of first heartbreaks, activist articles, journal entries, illustrations, essays, collages, and more!