Sunstroke is more than just an online and print publication. It is a collective. We work through video and other forms of media as well and plan to work on many projects throughout our creative journey. Shown here are multiple short films/videos that we have worked on in the past.

“Coterie,” shot by Andrew McLay and co-directed by Birdy Francis and Isa Kluger, is a Halloween short we worked on in October 2018. It showcases feminity with a splash of eeriness poking at the many coven-themed films throughout history.

Here lies Sunstroke’s Purple Haze release video in honor of our second issue hitting the shop, shot by Sam Resetarits and co-directed by Birdy Francis and Anna Grayson. The short music video follows a young girl’s (played by Miabella Brickey) reflection of her nostalgic high school memories and lovers. This directly reflects what Issue 002: Purple Haze represents: moving onto adulthood whilst reminiscing on hazy moments of love and spontaneity. The song that plays over the cinematic visuals is Something, In General by Ritt Momney, a band Sunstroke has worked with and admired since day one.