Femme, Fuck, & Mellow: Three Playlists from Purple Haze

featured photograph by avery stagg

femme ‘17


atomic bongos - lydia lunch

soda pop-rip off - slant 6

where evil grows - gore gore girls

rebel girl - bikini kill

the barracuda - the’s

a new wave - sleater-kinney

fat calmed kiddos - hinds

had ten dollaz - cherry glazerr

luxury problem - lunachicks

straight outta vagina - pussy riot, desi mo

fairytale in the supermarket - the raincoats

bomb the twist - the’s

i heard through the grapevine - the slits

the day the world turned day-glo - x-ray spex



“fuck” ‘17


buddy holly - weezer

blister in the sun - violent femmes

where eagles dare - misfits

frankly, mr. shankly - the smiths

the air near my fingers - the white stripes

alone, together - the strokes

no waves - fidlar

this is the day - the the

she don’t use jelly - the flaming lips

six different ways - the cure

dear god - xtc

moon rocks - talking heads

rock & roll - the velvet underground

miley - swmrs

roadrunner - the modern lovers



mellow ‘17


anyone else but you - the moldy peaches

outside with the cuties - frankie cosmos

honey pie - the beatles

wanted you - twin peaks

when i’m with you - best coast

rock and roll night club - mac demarco

sheep - mt. joy

a heartbreak - angus & julia stone

the end - the doors

salad days - mac demarco

keep on loving you - cigarettes after sex