November Poetry Slam

The monthly poetry slam idea was inspired by a friend of ours: Emma Czerwinski at Messy.

by Ellie Connor-Phillips

by Ellie Connor-Phillips

“Late October Nights” by Elida Vargas

Saxophone song and sirens sway,

caressing the inner most corrosion 

for a moment i feel the world stand still

my breath trickling down the street 

four full blocks of neon 

where angry bluish men standing guard 

and I

imbalanced as if on crows feet,

shift my weight 

thinking about parmesano garlic fries

and another caipirinha.

Photograph by Ellie Connor-Phillips

Photograph by Ellie Connor-Phillips

Untitled by Bree Cranfill

To the stars who listen,

I’m trying to breathe in the healing I require, but the suffering sets fire to my lungs. It’s weighing tons on my chest, I’m begging the universe for a rest, asking for some release. I’m so tired of my struggle being used as a conversation piece.


To the stars who listen,

I’m proud of who I am, and what I’ve overcome. Pushing through even when I thought “I’ve had enough.” This being is not what I wanted, it wouldn’t have been my choice. But damn, now that I’m here, all I can do is raise my voice. 

But, stars, if you’re out there, know that i feel like no one hears me. And If I don’t get my message out then I soon might disappear. It’s clear, in some ways, where my purpose lies. But I’m running low, and all that’s left to show- are the silent cries behind these tired eyes, from 6 feet down below. 

So, stars, please if you’re listening, send out some love and guidance. I can’t promise I’ll get it right but I’ll listen to what’s provided. I’ve been misguided. Life has been one sided, but I truly have belief. If you’re there, I know you care, please send me some relief.

Photograph by Julia Morgan

Photograph by Julia Morgan

Untitled by Julia Morgan


I have an aversion to fall.

Garish pieces of it

Litter and die

Along with my hope


The earth cries with me

Validating my mourning with

Mountains jacketed in mist

Acoustic tones

Settle sediment

Into my bones