November Playlist

Words, artwork, and playlist by Blakey Bessire


The cells in our bodies are tiny. They are so tiny and there are so many of them that maybe the “I” that we think of as “ourselves” is actually a misinterpretation and could be considered “we.” We practice life as symbionts, amidst private microscopic biota that are tiny and yet retain the ultimate use-value of biological subsistence. I like thinking about all of the things that will happen to my body after I die, these small mechanized and bodily programmable pieces will continue on. 

Maybe it’s just November, right? There is something so raw about it. So sucky. So small. My mom was texting me about being sad. We are both sad right now. It’s Scorpio she says. She is a Scorpio herself but doesn’t identify with it. I’ve been reading a book of short stories. One was by Abe Akira and it was called Peaches. It’s about memory and being a baby and peaches. He tries to recall a memory but each piece of it is jumbled. He never figures it out. But an image of the moon and peaches that could be bruised easily keeps returning to me in the last week or two. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.02.20 AM.png

 “Peaches. Fruit like pure, sweet nectar – nothing else. Easily bruised, quick to spoil. And each one heavy, almost unnervingly so. Filled with several dozen of these heavy peaches, the pram must have been more difficult to push than if it had held a live baby. And like the downy skin of a newborn, each could be scuffed and bruised in an instant if my mother did not push the pram slowly and carefully.”

We are made up of cells that make up a greater being. We are made up of skin that is easily bruised. Scuffed. I keep thinking about the pram and pushing it, or being inside of it.It is in the treatment of small peaches that I want to melt into. We have to push these prams slow and breathe in the air that let’s our cells expand and contract. This November let’s take care of our bodies, remain shielded against this month of genocidal holidays and grey skies, take big belly breaths. Hold our forms like symbionts with the sky and reject a cold month of stasis.

Have a listen and hopefully feel a bit brighter. A good bop can do wonders, you know. 


'The Driver Era' New Single "Low" Out Now

Ross and Rocky Lynch (The Driver Era) New Single 10/26

Streaming links: here

The Music Project from Ross and Rocky Lynch Debuts New Single "LOW"


"LOW" Featured on Ross's Teen Party Playlist Takeover via Spotify - Stream HERE

Ross Starring in Netflix's The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Out today! 

photo by Anna Lee

photo by Anna Lee

THE DRIVER ERA, the much-buzzed about music project from brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch, have released their new genre-defying single "LOW," out everywhere today. Written and produced by Rocky Lynch himself, the track premiered earlier this week on Consequence of Sound. 

"Groovy strums, smoky synths, and an urgent beat merge with atmospheric vocal effects that give Rocky's sultry delivery a depth that suits the song's tenderness." - Ben Kaye, Consequence of Sound.


Stream "LOW" everywhere HERE

"Low" comes after the band's laid-back summer jam "Afterglow" and their pop-rock debut "Preacher Man." "Preacher Man" debuted at #15 and #21 on Billboard's Alternative & Rock Sales Chart, and currently sits at over 11 Million combined audio streams. Since it's release, the band has graced the cover of both Ladygunn and Grumpy Magazine, and have earned praise from V Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Live Nation's Ones to Watch, Elle Magazine and more. 

"Combining Alt-Rock with EDM and hints of trap produced beats, their multifaceted take on pop music is sending them up the charts." - Flaunt 

"Their new music feels fresh, alive and bursting with flavor." - Paper


The Driver Era played a few festival dates over the summer, including 107.7 The End Summer Camp, and most recently Jay-Z's Made in America Festival. The band will play Florida Man Music Festival in Orlando on 11/30  with Weezer, Young The Giant, Bishop Briggs and more, and will share the stage with the likes of Panic! At The Disco, Sublime and more at Riptide Music Festival on 12/1 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

About The Driver Era:

Like the band name, the music of The Driver Era captures a certain classic feeling while looking toward tomorrow. With the two brothers, Ross and Rocky Lynch, writing, performing, and producing most of the tracks, their stylistically unpredictable pop also conjures up every romantic association with heading out on the open road: limitless possibility, the thrill of escape, a refusal to stay in one place for any real length of time.

On their debut single "Preacher Man," The Driver Era channel their restless creativity into what's arguably one of pop music's most epic themes: the existential crisis. With its raw rock-and-roll energy and gospel-like intensity, the track unfolds in stomping rhythms, heavy piano riffs, and soulful vocals that slip from free-form confession to feral howl. But despite the spiritual undertones, "Preacher Man" telegraphs a weary desperation and uneasy lack of faith (sample lyric: "My mouth is just too damn dry to utter out a prayer").

"From the title you might think there's some kind of religious connotation there, but if anything there's more of an atheist quality to it," says Ross.

With massive hooks and immaculate production, songs like "Preacher Man" show the tight musicianship that Ross and Rocky have honed over the years in their longtime band R5-a five-piece whose self-produced 2017 EP New Addictions was praised as "full of sharply constructed pop confections" by Rolling Stone. It was during that band's recent worldwide tour, the two began dreaming up a new project that would allow them to explore their more experimental tendencies.

"We had a bunch of songs we'd been gathering for a while," says Rocky. Although they avoided restricting their vision to any specific sound or style, the duo did set some firm intentions for the new band: to create music without self-imposed limitations, and to always push for sonic innovation.

In between polishing off the new songs-and getting a jump on making remixes for that material-The Driver Era have completed their first video with the gritty and cinematic cut for "Preacher Man." Shot in a seedy motel and partly lit in the lurid glow of a neon crucifix, the video delivers a bit of bleary hedonism and showcases Ross's acclaimed acting chops (he recently drew raves for his title role in the serial-killer biopic My Friend Dahmer and currently stars in Netflix's The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina). And when they're not actively creating, the two are often out riding around, listening back to mixes and working out song ideas, constantly expanding what's possible in The Driver Era. 

"A while ago I was reading a book that talked about how if you and a person are able to connect deeply enough, you almost form a third consciousness," says Ross. "I think Rocky and I have that on some level. I don't think either of us has felt so creatively charged up in a long time, and it's just a really cool feeling. The whole thing's opened up our minds in this amazing way."

For more information about The Driver Era

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Femme, Fuck, & Mellow: Three Playlists from Purple Haze

featured photograph by avery stagg

femme ‘17


atomic bongos - lydia lunch

soda pop-rip off - slant 6

where evil grows - gore gore girls

rebel girl - bikini kill

the barracuda - the’s

a new wave - sleater-kinney

fat calmed kiddos - hinds

had ten dollaz - cherry glazerr

luxury problem - lunachicks

straight outta vagina - pussy riot, desi mo

fairytale in the supermarket - the raincoats

bomb the twist - the’s

i heard through the grapevine - the slits

the day the world turned day-glo - x-ray spex



“fuck” ‘17


buddy holly - weezer

blister in the sun - violent femmes

where eagles dare - misfits

frankly, mr. shankly - the smiths

the air near my fingers - the white stripes

alone, together - the strokes

no waves - fidlar

this is the day - the the

she don’t use jelly - the flaming lips

six different ways - the cure

dear god - xtc

moon rocks - talking heads

rock & roll - the velvet underground

miley - swmrs

roadrunner - the modern lovers



mellow ‘17


anyone else but you - the moldy peaches

outside with the cuties - frankie cosmos

honey pie - the beatles

wanted you - twin peaks

when i’m with you - best coast

rock and roll night club - mac demarco

sheep - mt. joy

a heartbreak - angus & julia stone

the end - the doors

salad days - mac demarco

keep on loving you - cigarettes after sex